Sacramento Basketball System Trampoline and Playset Moving and Relocation Services Bay Area

Moving and Relocation Services

Are you moving down the street or out of state?

Kidz Backyard can help! If you’re moving, we’ve got you covered!

  • Playset Moves & Playset Packing Services
  • Trampoline Moves & Packing Services
  • Basketball System Moves
  • & More!

We are here for all of your backyard equipment service needs! Just give us a call!

Backyard Adventures Wooden Playsets & Woodplay Wooden Playsets

We will move your Backyard Adventures wooden playset or your WoodPlay wooden playset for you so you can enjoy it at your new house, or we will take it down into big pieces so you can put it in a pod or moving truck to take with you.

Are you selling your playset to a neighbor? We can take it down from your backyard, transport it to the neighbors and then rebuild the playset for them in their backyard.

SpringFree Trampolines

If you’re moving and don’t want to leave your beloved SpringFree trampoline behind, don’t worry we can move your trampoline for you!  We provide trampoline moves. We will take it down at your old location, transport it to your new location and rebuild it for you.

If you are moving out of state and want your trampoline taken down and boxed up for your movers, we do that too!

Goarilla Basketball Systems

We also provide basketball moves.  We can take system down and move it to your new location.  We will just simply install a new anchor at the new location and then install the basketball system that we moved for you.  It’s that simple!